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Testimonials: Here is what clients are saying about Casey ...

Casey has a keen eye for observing the human form and isolating patterns of restriction. Her training, experience and refined touch allow her to address the deepest restrictions as comfortably as possible. Without her help, I would not have recovered from a running injury 2 years ago. Her treatments significantly support and enhance my patients' treatment and performance goals.
-Dr. Ellen McNally, Chiropractor 

As a Personal Fitness Trainer, I find Casey to be an invaluable resource. I refer my clients to her because her work helps correct their postural alignment as well as the stagnation of muscular movement that may occur from repeated workouts. She is able to manipulate the fascia and allow more fluidity of movement unlike regular massage therapy. I personally have had work done by Casey for injuries and postural correction from being on my feet while training my clients, and I find no other mode of therapy to be more successful. She not only possesses a world of knowledge, but has an incredible gift of being able to relay this information through teaching that is practical, and easy to understand. I enjoy learning from Casey, and I feel confident having my training clients work with her as well.
-Andrea Reynolds, Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

I went to Casey in 2002 because I found no relief from chiropractors, massage therapists or acupuncturists for my injuries. My hips and legs were in constant pain from over 15 years of martial arts training. Rolfing not only relieved the pain I was in, but I have not had another problem in all the years since being treated. The only thing I can recommend higher than Rolfing is going to have Casey treat you. I have sent many friends to her, and all have benefited greatly.
-Brian Fox

Casey Kiernan is my immediate “go-to” when something is off in my body. Whatever is happening, she is able to figure out the exact place that is causing the tight muscle or pain. Then she works with the deep tissues to release and break the muscle patterns and does her magic so that I am relieved of the pain. Recently she has helped me with arthritis hip pain.

Her use of metaphors and images plus her body mechanic knowledge and Rolfing skills is only surpassed by her humor and positive attitude. When she finds the tight muscles causing the pain, she always gives me exercises and yoga poses to help reinforce the treatments. Being a
yoga teacher I am impressed with her proactive and body aware approach. Over the last 11 years she has been there whenever I have an issue that my yoga or medical doctors can’t address. Thanks, Casey!

-Barbara Van Sciver, RYT, Svaroopa® Embodyment Therapist

I have known Casey since 2001 at which time I sought her help after a horseback riding accident and then over the years due to degenerative spine issues. Originally I went through the ten step Rolfing series then sought her help as needed. Casey has always been amazing and helpful in not only getting me out of an issue but giving me tools to use to stay out. Casey is extremely knowledgeable and excellent in her field. I always felt extremely comfortable with her and trusted her skills. She has helped me when all that was recommended was surgery
and has been a pleasure to work with.

-Holly M., Justice of the Peace

Casey Kiernan’s Rolfing skills have over the years helped with injuries and with rowing. We “restructured” my body to row and race in a way to avoid injury. She is one of the most intelligent and skilled body workers I have ever experienced. Over the past 10 years I have referred dozens of my acupuncture patients to her. Not only is Casey a phenomenal Rolfer, she is also -- truly, one of the kindest and most caring people anyone could hope to ever meet.
-Cate Chason, LAc ., Acupuncturist

I am a professional singer and a music teacher in an inner city school. Over the years, dealing with stress in the classroom on a daily basis, I became slouched, tense and rigid. Consequently, my breathing became restricted and I could no longer maintain breath support for long phrases. As Casey began to work on me I could feel and see a remarkable improvement in my breathing and movement. After the final session I was a different person. I can stand tall now and I can sing with my whole body. When I walk, I feel like I'm floating. It would be an understatement to say Casey has helped me tremendously. She's a miracle worker who stands at the top of her profession.
-Joyce Bernau-Enriquez

Casey has been so helpful to me over the years. She has been an integral to my personal well-being by caring for my numerous injuries, aches and pains. She has also been an essential part of the care of my patients. When I refer someone to Casey, I know that they are going to get great care that will fit very well into their physical therapy program.
-Greg Specht, Physical Therapist

I wanted to be Rolfed because I'd heard that manipulating the deep tissue could free up emotional knots. And, oh boy, did I have some knots! 

I remember one session in particular when I was so shaken by the end that I had to sit in the waiting room for a while. Then I went out to my car and sat there, listening to soothing music. No specific memory had surfaced. But something deep had been touched, and I could feel the psychological defenses beginning to fall. I credit Rolfing (along with a wicked good shrink) with helping me heal from childhood trauma.

I had also heard that Rolfing physically hurts. I'm a physical coward, so had some trepidation. Maybe some Rolfers hurt their clients, but Casey, never. Trusting my body to someone is not something I do lightly. 

A big surprise for me was the results that showed up years later, after I was finished with a course. My shoulder blades had been almost frozen in place, making many basic yoga positions almost impossible. Yoga mudra was yoga murder as far as I was concerned. I'd given up yoga because it seemed too painful. Despairing, I took yoga up again as I was worried I was losing what small amount of flexibility I had so quickly. Imagine my surprise to discover a couple of years after being Rolfed that yoga mudra was not only possible, but pleasurable! Further, that certain other poses that demanded stretching the muscles at the top of my foot and shin were a piece of cake. 

I would recommend Rolfing to anyone who wants pain reduction, whether physical or emotional. I guess that's everyone.
-Nina Pratt

I usually prefer a 'lighter touch' therapy, but I love Casey's style of Rolfing! Casey's ability to follow the tissue creates a very trusting environment and before you know it, she is 'deep' in the tissue with ease and no pain! I love the 'inherent motion' technique following the motion of the organs freeing up restrictions you never knew existed AND result in greatly improved function.
-Sue Cotta, MPT, CST

When I first started seeing Casey, I was desperate. My shoulder was so painful that I was not able to sleep at night. I had tried everything: Chiropractic, massage, physical therapy. I even saw an orthopedic surgeon who prescribed muscle relaxants. After Casey’s magical touch, I was pain free! And I felt more comfortable in my body. Casey taught me greater body awareness which allowed me to reinforce her work. One of her suggestions was to see and feel how my shoulders would shrug unconsciously. Once I became aware of this, I learned to move them toward the floor. This helped a great deal. I would recommend Casey to anyone who is experiencing muscle pain.
-Beverly Trenn

Why I tell so many people about Rolfing! 

After developing pain and stiffness in my right hip over 4 years, I worked with a physical therapist and a massage therapist for almost a year, and experienced some improvement, but was still troubled with recurring chronic pain, especially during and after hiking, or dance, or just daily walking and driving. I had already given up running in order to continue to dance, my bargain with myself. The pain was deep in my hip, sacrum, and glutes and interrupted sleep from pain on the outside of my legs. At that point, in spring of 2011 I had a crazy goal to do a pilgrimage walk in September called the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, 500 miles of hiking with a 20 lb. backpack on varying terrain across northern Spain. Casey worked on me through the summer with mounting improvement after each session. Each time, Casey's Rolfing lessened the pain and stiffness, and what was amazing to me is that the improvement lasted to the next session. In between I was dancing, and walking around Providence with my backpack in order to gear up for the fall. Casey also examined my gait and posture regularly and offered tips to improve my balance, with and without the backpack. We did 10 sessions in all and then I departed for our Camino, which we completed in 41 days of walking 10-15 miles per day, with a few rest days tucked in. Yes, I would be sore every day, (so was everyone else) but my body recovered after rest; I was able to keep up with my husband during the day, and after a nap, was ready to enjoy an evening of Spanish food and wine, and had an unforgettable experience! 

Since returning I have continued to walk, maybe 2-4 miles per day and dance once or twice per week, and have added some yoga to stay flexible. The Rolfing sessions have made a huge difference to me, at age 62, to feel strong and confident that as I keep moving I will be able to enjoy what I love. What I know now is that Rolfing accomplished permanent changes in my body that allow me to grow stronger and more flexible!
-Denise C.

While being a strong proponent of Rolfing, what resonates with me the most is Casey's unequivocal spirit of caring and generosity. Without question, she is a supreme professional and highly experienced but the warmth and caring that she provides places her in the top echelon of health-care providers. I have seen Casey for "tune-ups" and have undergone the full Rolfing Structural Integration series of 10 sessions. It has helped me tremendously and I don't hesitate to refer family, friends and clients to Casey.
-Michelle Gauvin, Licensed Massage Therapist

Rolfing has played an extraordinarily useful role in both recuperating from several injuries and in my daily professional activities. I originally went for Rolfing to facilitate my recovery from a fractured neck suffered in a ski accident. Casey’s Rolfing techniques have played an immeasurable role in recuperating from two total knee replacements especially in relieving stiffness and achieving full range of motion. My profession requires extensive travel and often involves a high level of stress. Casey is the Rolfing professional who consistently relieves tension in my neck and shoulders. On a lighter note, I have recently started ballroom dance lessons and find that Casey’s work has increased my mobility and flexibility. Several members of my family and friends have also benefitted from her excellent care. Casey is a real professional who is dedicated to helping her clients get relief from a wide range of physical issues that challenge their ability to lead a healthier life.
-Bob D., Barrington, RI

The timing of my work with Casey coincided with a significant personal life change: a move from my native New England to the West coast. I attribute my work with Casey as a powerful catalyst that filled me with courage and faith to execute this change. I found her optimism and personal courage to be very inspiring! Casey seamlessly marries a PhD’s rigor and scholarship of the body with a gifted intuitive skill and keen insight: she is at once both technician and healer. In my lifetime of experiences with body workers she is a shining example of this quite rare combination.

My sessions with Casey were imbued with a complete trust in her adapting precisely and skillfully to my needs. Nothing about her approach ever felt formulaic, but rather open-hearted, carefully tailored and attuned to my individual needs and state of being on that day, in that moment. The lasting effects of Rolfing with Casey are significant. I always left her office in a kind of illuminated state in which I felt more connected to my physical body, but also to my higher consciousness. Over time I have come to appreciate what a crucial role she played in supporting my growth and development ~ both professional and personal. Casey provides a warm and welcoming space for her clients, and the trust I experienced in her skill was immediate. She exudes vitality and a bright energy, yet there is such depth and a center of gravity in her being. Casey is a rare practitioner whose combined technical skill and incisive intuition make her a truly gifted healer.
-Dale B., Consultant and Adjunct Professor

Casey is a huge resource for me, personally and professionally. I strongly encourage my clients to experience her work. Rolfing prevents stagnation and burnout in my work and opens opportunity for profound breakthroughs in my clients’ pain patterns. After Rolfing, I notice deep
change in my massage clients’ tissue and the way they respond to my work. I don’t have to work as hard for results.

-Sara Riley Licensed Massage Therapist

While I am no stranger to the practice of Rolfing, for me, it was all about finding the right person and the right atmosphere. Sure there are a number of very experienced practitioners in the Providence area, but they are mainly men. I was searching for a woman. Last year, I found Casey. From the moment you enter her office suite, you know you’ve entered a sanctuary of healing and relaxation. This feeling continues as you meet with Casey and she begins a thorough verbal & visual assessment of you and your body. Casey keeps written records so nothing is left to chance. After this pre-treatment assessment, Casey excuses herself, and you are left to disrobe and get ready, in private, for your treatment. 

Regular Rolfing sessions with Casey have helped to keep my body in peak condition. The freedom of movement provided by Rolfing sessions is what helps me to be a successful Dressage rider. Often called “ballet on horse-back”, the art of Dressage requires that the rider be able to move & position their body in a way that will influence the movement of their horse. Regular Rolfing treatments from Casey ensure that I am able to perform to my personal best. Thank you Casey!!
-Cindy O., Providence RI

One of the pure, simple joys in my life is spending time in a Rolfing session with Casey Kiernan. For work and pleasure, I travel constantly and all the miles are not overly kind to one's muscles. Casey has an unmatched degree of professionalism, intellect (PhD. in Biology), and passion for her work. Yet, Casey brings a refined touch and a sense of humanity that makes the science, the art and the process so rewarding and effective. Every time I leave a session with Casey, I continually ask the same question, "How in the heck did you do that?" Casey gives me only a smile in reply but I always walk away much calmer, happier, looser, and more serene. Among all the Rolfers I have seen, I have no higher recommendation than that of Casey Kiernan.
-Vin McLoughlin, Chairman, Cardinal Logistics

Casey taught me how to breathe fully and be deeply present in my body by opening stuck areas using touch and imagery. My massage, GYROTONIC® and Pilates clients with complex issues benefit from her refined touch. I trust her ability to help them.
-Karen Ortiz LMT, GYROTONIC and Pilates Instructor

For me Rolfing is a release. It is the opening of spaces to let out pain and tension. When I get off the table I feel more stable in my body and stronger in my focus because I can move without pain. I look forward to my sessions because I know Casey's gentle reminders to my body will bring it into alignment and last until I can get back to treat myself again. It is a peaceful way to make space in my mind while I am making space in my body. Rolfing is something that I do that is completely for me.
-Jen Trachtman, DVM. Bayside Mobile Veterinary Care

I went to Casey to address knee weakness and to be at my best when playing competitive tennis through USTA. Rolfing has kept me in sync and a strong competitor. It has also helped me resolve injuries quickly and completely. Now, my knees are normal. I am able to play tennis and maintain my massage practice relatively pain-free. The clients I refer to Casey are those who are not getting better via other alternative modalities and are still in pain. Often she is able help when others cannot.
-Cheryl D’Itri Licensed Massage Therapist

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