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About Rolfing Structural Integration

Do you wake up in the morning feeling stiff? Are you sore at the end of the day? Are you finding yourself limited by your body during workouts, yoga, dance, or sports?  Are you unhappy with your posture when you look in the mirror? Do you have deep aches and pains that no one can quite reach or relieve? Rolfing can help!

When the body is out of alignment, muscles contract and fascia hardens to compensate, holding this out-of-balance position. Such compensation can cause pain, inflexibility, impaired movement, tight muscles, poor posture, lowered vitality, diminished mental clarity, and difficulty coping with stress. Is that how you want to live?

Rolfing restores alignment by releasing restrictions in the myofascial system.  Rolfers accomplish this through a combination of (1) tissue manipulation and movement techniques and (2) education -- at physical and cognitive levels -- to help the client find  awareness of new ways of moving and being. The result is greater ease, vitality, grace and joy.

“Structural Integration is more than a manipulative technique; it is a way of thinking and living.” - Ida P Rolf

For additional information on Rolfing, clinical research documenting the effectiveness of Rolfing, and on Ida Rolf and on Rolfing trainings, please visit the Rolf
Institute’s web site at

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